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Alternative View is a holistic weight management program in New York City that helps clients achieve a healthier body image by providing personal consultation from healthcare specialists.  

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We believe that the best option for successful weight management involves a comprehensive approach of both Eastern and Western therapies.  All of our clients can choose an individualized or combined therapeutic approach, in order to best reach their own personal health goals.

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Alternative View also provides a selection of specialty services, which you can use to support your ideal weight management program.

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Alternative View Acupuncture and Physical Therapy, PLLC has a scope of practice that is limited to Acupuncture and Physical Therapy only.   While an acupuncturist can provide an Eastern Medicine diagnosis, and a physical therapist can provide a functional impairment diagnosis, we do not provide a medical diagnosis.  Alternative View can support, refute, or suggest a medical diagnosis that can only be confirmed by a licensed physician. Any living space renovation advice you receive, whether in part or in whole, is in recommendation only and not meant to ignore, contradict, or substitute the advice of any medical professionals managing your care.

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